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(60 films)


This series of films will help people understand more about diabetes - whether they’ve had the condition for a long time or been recently diagnosed.

They give practical advice about diet, activity, blood glucose monitoring, medicines and how to maintain good control. There are also films on coping with diabetes during Ramadan, regular tests people should make sure they have and guides to preventing and treating hypoglycaemia and anxiety or depression.

Our aim in this programme is to help people avoid the complications of diabetes and delay the need for medication.

We've interviewed a wide range of national and international experts as well as people who have diabetes and live well with it.

Bite-sized films, easy to understand, easy to watch, easy to access.

World class employee education

The Team Doctor has a substantial library of films aimed at encouraging effective self-management.

The films are short and easy to understand but crucially they form a structured and coherent approach to education

Use The Team Doctor as part of your self-management toolkit.

Why use it? Because it works!

Evaluations have shown the films to be highly effective in changing behaviour.

Users find The Sound Doctor films easy to use, easy to understand and highly effective as part of their treatment.

They also report that reduced GP visits and hospital admissions.

“The quality of the product is, in my experience, unmatched anywhere in the world.”
Dr Charles Alessi, Senior Advisor Public Health England

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