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The Sound Doctor holds the answers

Health educators, The Sound Doctor, give patients access to a large library of high quality short films to help them understand the nature of their long term condition from the comfort of their home. With information, advice and practical tips on lifestyle choices and more, patients will need to consult their GP and practice nurse less often. The Sound Doctor primarily allows patients to manage their conditions more effectively at home because of a greater awareness of the causes, impacts and ways to care for themselves with their long term condition. 

The Sound Doctor aims to minimise the need for face-to-face contact between patients and doctors, therefore helping to reduce the pressures currently overwhelming the healthcare system, including the large numbers of people being admitted or readmitted to hospital. The Sound Doctor also aims to reduce the strain on the social care system by allowing people the freedom to live independently for longer with a better awareness of their own condition. In addition, The Sound Doctor helps businesses reduce levels of absence by helping better informed workers to look after themselves and, for example,  avoid an acute back pain becoming a chronic back pain.  

The wide range of subjects covered in the films includes dementia, heart failure, back pain, diabetes and COPD, with multiple films on each condition to ensure people have an in depth awareness of the causes, symptoms, treatment and management of their condition. Diabetes alone has 65 films covering all aspects of the condition, such as causes, the importance of exercise and medication, as well as a good diet plan and

care plan. 

The Sound Doctor is a proven method of helping people manage their long-term conditions. A recent survey of patients who used The Sound Doctor for over a year showed that 93% reported paying fewer visits to their GP, with 62% reporting fewer admissions to hospital, demonstrating the reduced pressures on the healthcare system and the positive impact of using the Sound Doctor. The survey also revealed that 98% of people had learnt new information regarding their condition, with 96% feeling more confident in effectively managing their condition themselves. 

As well as benefiting individuals, the Sound Doctor also offers an effective solution to private or public organisations responsible for maintaining people's health and well-being. Just some of those who will benefit are hospitals, local authorities, health insurers and employers.