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New course will improve children’s health and wellbeing…for life

Health educators, The Sound Doctor, are offering UK parents and teachers a “secret weapon” in combating growing concerns about childhood obesity – kids who are willing to change their own lifestyle choices!

Primary school pupils are about to receive fun and memorable facts on healthy eating, weight management and exercise, thanks to a new animated course based on short, animated films to be shown in classrooms. 

The fun and educational course is the brainchild of innovative health education media company The Sound Doctor.

The aim of the films is to win the hearts and minds of UK children. Using imagery and language they can easily understand and remember, they will soak up lots of information in an entertaining format.

Rosie Runciman, co-founder of The Sound Doctor, explained: “When kids love their sugary snacks and other treats so much, preaching or even conventional teaching on this topic can be ineffective.

 “The beauty of this course, delivered through lively animations, is that it is fun. It can be delivered through a one off class or a series of lessons to improve children’s health and wellbeing…for life. Animations and animals are popular with children and this course has both. The intention is that primary school pupils will be interested and engaged, picking up great tips for better health.”

The initiative arose from shock figures showing that the UK is starting to match – if not overtake – childhood obesity levels in the US. 

The latest figures from NHS Digital suggest that in their final year of primary school in England, the number of overweight children has peaked at 20%. This compares to the number of children in the US aged between 9 and 11 who are obese, which stands at 18.5%.

It is believed that around 27% of children in the UK are clinically obese, while a further 14% are overweight in medical terms. This is the equivalent of obesity impacting on one in every five children.

Rosie Runciman added: “Positive action and long-term solutions depend on getting children on board so they decide to change their own habits.”

“This course gives them facts, tips and, we hope, inspiration to make those changes, but in a really friendly and acceptable way. It includes lots of questions and discussion points to stimulate curious young minds.”

This creative media health initiative builds on The Sound Doctor’s track record for producing world class films and audio programmes. 

The company’s services are widely used by healthcare professionals to advise and support patients on a wide range of self-care issues. The result is better management of long-term health conditions.

Watch the film here