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The Sound Doctor receives national accreditation for new online diabetes course

The Quality Institute for Self-management Education and Training (QISMET), has given health educator, The Sound Doctor, national accreditation for its new online diabetes course.

The structured and educational diabetes course has been created for people newly diagnosed with diabetes. Rosie Runciman, Co-Founder of The Sound Doctor said, “This online course is truly innovative. It focuses on film rather than text, providing an engaging and effective experience. It includes fun and interactive questions at the end of each section and uses attractive visuals to keep the viewer watching and learning. Having this accreditation is testament to the quality and deliverables of our course.”

QISMET is the not-for-profit body supporting self-management providers and commissioners achieve the highest possible quality service for people living with long-term health conditions.

NHS England’s current Long-Term plan emphasises the importance of education in the improvement of diabetes outcomes. The NHS offers structured education to anyone in England who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Traditionally, this has been done by face to face sessions over a period of weeks. This course is an alternative for those who are unwilling to take time off work to attend the classes. Rosie adds, “We understand that people need choice and flexibility. The Sound Doctor is providing the tool to do just that. We anticipate this will improve the take-up in structured education and outcomes.”

The Sound Doctor course, which is now available at scale, will provide the means to reach and educate more people with diabetes. Diabetes UK states that if nothing changes, in excess of five million people will have diabetes in the UK by 2025. 

Professor Vinod Patel, a Professorial Clinical Teaching Fellow in Diabetes and Clinical Skills at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick believes that “The Sound Doctor diabetes course is an excellent structured education option. It should help improve the quality of life for many patients.” 

The online course can be viewed anytime, anywhere and multiple times if required. This flexibility could be an important milestone in the education of patients.

The Sound Doctor aims to create the very best film and audio content available to help people look after themselves better with long term conditions and improve outcomes.

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