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"It is no longer okay to do nothing about employees mental health".

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, President of the Charted Institute of Personnel Development and Team Doctor contributor.

TeamDoctor provides organisations with an essential video-based online training course for all employees which gives a baseline of knowledge which is now essential in the workplace in order to create a happier, and healthier workforce and an enhanced employee experience.

The training results in:

Increased productivity and effectiveness

Attracting and retaining the best people

An improved work culture

Meeting CSR and B-Corp commitments  



The Problem

137 million working days are lost each year through absence in the UK – some of them in your company. 80 million days are lost as a result of three problems:

Mental health issues

Back and other joint pain

Coughs, colds and minor illnesses

Each day a colleague is absent costs money. Each day a colleague is absent reduces productivity and profit.

If the problem is addressed.....

Harvard Business Review, in a study of 20,000 employees, found that companies which focus on mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing are 20% more profitable and have 10% higher customer reviews.


Our solution

TeamDoctor will reduce absence, creating a happy, healthy and more productive workforce by helping people:
1. Become aware of their physical and mental health
2. Engage with their health
3. Take active steps to improve it
4. Identify structural and operational issues within the company which are contributing to poorer health outcomes
5. Address these problems through improving the structure, leadership and teamwork

How do we do that? 

We offer world class health and wellbeing film content which works. Our bite sized videos are very well endorsed and evaluated within the NHS. All content is designed to help people understand the causes of workplace health issues, spot symptoms and identify solutions through practical tips and strategies.


Fewer days lost to sickness
Quicker return to work
Greater productivity
Greater profit

Watch one of the films in the TeamDoctor Keeping Well at Work Series



What causes sleep problems? How does lack of sleep affect you? What can you do to improve your length and quality of sleep?


Hard to fit in exercise if you commute to work and have a sedentary job but there are many small changes you can make in your working day to increase the exercise you do


What is it? What are the main causes? What should you look out for in yourself and others? How can you improve stress levels? Tips and relaxation techniques

Healthy Eating

Why does it matter? Why should I bother making the effort? What can I eat? What difference will it make?


What is depression? How is it different from stress and anxiety? How do I know if I am depressed? What can I do about it? What help is on offer?

Workplace Relationships

Am I being bullied? Am I bullying someone else? How will I know? What can I do about it?

Work Environment

What changes can I make in my day to day working life to improve my working environment and therefore my general health and wellbeing? What should I be aware of, what can I change and how?


What is it? What are the main causes and treatments? What effect does it have on me?



Films, animations, podcasts and interactive e-learning courses

Coherent, engaging, easy to access content to help people understand and manage or avoid the common causes of absence. Our short films and animations have been proven to promote positive behaviour change in NHS evaluations. Nationally accredited e-learning courses, split into manageable modules, available for colleagues and their families to watch at their own pace, in their own time.

Expert group or one-to-one counselling.

We specialise in improving teamwork and developing leadership. We have created an effective model based on transferring the success of elite sports teams into business. This model shows how good leadership and organisational structure improve the engagement and wellbeing of employees. Engagement increases a sense of purpose and fulfilment, leading to increased productivity and profitability. Proper training and enabling employees to do what they do best also increases productivity and decreases stress.

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